Hey I hope it's okay to post my plotting ideas here for you? Tag me whenever you've got more info up for this angel (I hope I didn't miss it?) Until now, here's a lil rant to maybe inspire us...message if you like or think of any more ideas and I will write something more final in my plotting set for us! I'd be very happy to help you come up with bio details too since I really wanna write for these characters ahhh. Sorry if this is long!! I'm excited since I don't think we've ever written together :,)

Well, Lord Lars of House Persephone is definitely one of those people throwing cash at Arinna for information. As the lord heir of one of the most wealthiest houses, Arinna could be intrigued that she's never seen him around Steden castle with all the other wealthy and powerful figures - she might've seen members of Lars' large family once or twice, and definitely his parents the High Lord and Lady of Witten for important festivities....but why is this bachelor (well, until now) of an heir so hidden from the rest of the world...? And why does he prefer it that way lol. I definitely see her joining in on the gossip. He would notice her attention too, mostly because he's not used to people of her status behaving as free as she does (helps that she's beautiful)

Specifically, since she's a seamstress, they can meet at a shop or he'd probably barge in himself to complain about some tailored pieces he asked for. I can see him getting weirdly flustered expecting Ari to act one way and finding he can't just walk all over her as he's used to...anyway Lars loves his garbs so he'll be there + be ordering things like crazy since he's always got something new. Lots of people will talk about Lars since he doesn't exactly get out much. Plus he's going to intimidate all the champions he considers "weak" to join forces with him and buy off half of the people Arinna knows I imagine. I think it would be interesting if he becomes taken with Ari. Maybe she doesn't accept his offer for money as easily as her friends. Maybe he sends him looking for something else she wants (he can give her SO much...) So far I haven't found anyone close to his age or as so obviously important to him as Ari can be romantically. She's taken and now he's supposed to act like a newlywed, so I like that he wouldn't necessarily act on his feelings ever. I just like the thought of tension with someone as already awkward as him. As soon as he arrives, Lars will want as much information about people as possible. Why? Well, he doesn't get out much. He's been busy honing his magical abilities - which happen to be showing their dark nature more than ever lately. He would want to know everything about everyone so he can take advantage of them and establish allies and enemies early on. Much of the info he comes with will be wrong since he's privileged and has learned from books nad not experienced. Ari can notice this lol. ALSO AND LASTLY SORRY,, another idea is that Lars would love to pay Ari to use her social skills to specifically spread niceties instead of those nasty rumors of him lashing out (many which are, unfortunately, true.) He wouldn't want her to know that about him though...secretly, he's a softie, and wouldn't want to scary her. aha. Or rather, he wants to seem kept together in front of her. Alsooo I was thinking maybe he could accidentally kill someone on staff (lol, he does this a lot) and Ari can be the only one to witness or something dramatic like that. They can start some sort of weird pact after that, like he owes her a lot and him waiting on her never ends haha

SO SORRY this is massive, I hope some of this inspires you

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