Portrayed by: Anya Taylor Joy

Birth date: February 17th, 1996 (Aquarius)
Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona

• • • • •

Major: Sound Design w/ a Minor in Cinematography
Skills: creative problem solving (give her just about any item and she can make a sound effect), thrifting, MVP of note taking

• • • • •

Likes: david cronenberg, joaquin phoenix, the staged romance cliche, note taking, good soundtracks, lipstick, old school soundscaping, silly phone games, watching hearthstone play throughs, 'i'll never be able to buy a house' toast, knee high boots, dr. phil, horror movies, pistachio ice cream, john carpenter's music, ennio morricone, eating out, normcore, crisp new sheets of paper, plaid, red letter media, dead meat, bat shit crazy plots, nicolas cage, sam raimi.
Dislikes: styling her hair, special events, tight deadlines, jogging, living costs in New York, storyboarding, working with cocky filmmakers, people who don't respect films history, religious symbolism, dad jokes, goth music (unless its the cure, she's a sucker for the cure), editing on pc's, spending 30 bucks a month on adobe creative cloud, capitalism, the star wars franchise, blisters, legal dramas, dccu, hardcore punk, not having money, her impending graduation, the pitch perfect franchise, musicals, street preachers.

• • • • •

Personality: she'd be a total recluse if it weren't for classes, major cat lady vibes. "is an asshole bc they are confused" trope? maybe just an asshole. some how pretty lovable when she gets to talking about what she loves. currently trying to break out from her "quirky" reputation. not very popular with the costuming department because she had some thoughts about the costuming in 'reign'. nervous af. probably wont hold a grudge but her face will suggest otherwise.

• • • • •

Fears: loosing any family member, not having a job after graduation, being completely financially responsible for myself,


✥ Matthew Collins / Father (57)
Fc: Leonardo DiCaprio

✥ June Collins / Mother (55)
Fc: Cate Blanchett

✥ Brody Collins (24)
Fc: Thomas Mann

✥ Felix Hendricks / German Cinematography TA (25)
Fc: George MacKay / TBD

• • • • •

✥ Was one of those kids that always made goofy home movies, her older brother Brody got her way into movies as a kid.
✥ Was a total goth kid from ages 10 until she turned 17, got really into horror movies and was vice-president of her high schools Film Club where she tortured a bunch of Twilight fans by forcing them to watch Nosferatu.
✥ Parents were always just glad when she got out of the house for whatever silly filmmaking project she was working on.
✥ Bought her first microphone at age 10, she found a cheap on at the thrift store and used her dads old tape player to record neighborhood sounds.
✥ Was on her high school's volleyball team through her Junior year but quit for her senior year so she could focus on film projects.
✥ Has only dated one person, a boy named Sam from her high school. The pair were supposedly going to stay together through their freshman year but Sam ended up cheating on Suzie with another girl from film club. It was very ~ dramatic ~.
✥ Was over the moon when she found out she was accepted to her dream school. She had applied to several others and been waitlisted but got a seriously good scholarship deal from ACCA. Her parents were reluctant to let her accept it, seeing as her father worked in the film industry and at 57 was already out of a job but acknowledged her passion.
✥ Works in one of the many editing labs as a tech assistant, its not exactly up her alley (premiere pro is gonna be the death of her) but she appreciates the space and finds the sound of typing and clicking to be rather relaxing.


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