Due to the disparity between active members and characters, I've done a some revamping, and updated the role list. I've essentially only cut NPC's, and changed the relevance of the one the subplots. I've also changed some of the magic availability for powers, better explained for each characters in their individual forms, so make sure to let me know if you don't like the new powers or lack thereof and wanna switch when you get them.

Also, as a reminder, these group members have yet to join the discord and/or group blog: @Willow-Finley @Maryama @filthysoul @Punnies @buffykdh @agentdanascully @Courtney-Schmudlach-Maly @loonylulu

please join, and make sure to fill out the relevant audition forms, the process is explained here (or you can just send me a pm).

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