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Dejavu|TGIV Audition

I'm so excited to get back into TGIV, but this time it will be a new couple. I'll still write about Priscilla and Thomas at times, but these two are my new babies.

"Beauty may be dangerous, but intelligence is lethal."
Face Claim: Bae Irene (Red Velvet)
Nickname (if applicable):
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Nationality: Korean
Birthday January 13, 1992
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Occupation: Secretary in training.
Position and Department: Maknae(the temp) of the marketing team, training to be Park Jae Won’s new secretary.

Time working at VG: 4 months, and first-day training
Personality: analytical, practical, caring, organized, realistic, neat, will not take no for an answer when they want something, hard-working attitude is an inspiration to all, and truly believe she can achieve anything with hard work, always ready to learn new skills, and sees something they don’t know as a challenge they must undertake. Faithful, Ambitious, fair and have a strong sense of justice and gives and demand respect. Family oriented, her family is everything to her. Tries not to judge people. A drama kid at heart, but never went down the path of acting. Would rather being laughing and smiling than wallow in her misery.
Positive traits Responsible, disciplined, self-control, good manager, confident, intelligent, detail-oriented, Sincere.
Negative traits: expecting the worst, unforgiving( can hold grudges), incredibly hard on herself, Shy, Pessimistic, Awkward, Stubborn.
Headcanons: Sora is known as the new girl around the building, she is seen hard working and friendly. There is even a rumor of someone having a crush on her.
Likes: Family, tradition, music, quality craftsmanship, karaoke, musicals, watching late night movies in the theaters, red bean fish, going to the Korean spa, Wonho, summer festivals, spring blossoms, doctor who(she can’t wait for the new season - since she was 17 she’s been dressing up as the doctor for halloween.), dreams of traveling, fried chicken, her mother’s home cooking, video games, puppies, her dogs Coco and Cinnamon, star gazing, BBQ, meat wraps, sunflowers, new book smell, going to the beach, fireworks, yoga, fashion, rain, going to the river, banana milk, shopping with her mom, late night talks, Kang Daniel, Wanna One, learning new languages.
Dislikes: Awkward situations, being ignored, being used, rude people, catcalls, drunks, she hate showing weakness, crying in front of people, gossip, hospitals, driving, vain people, drama queens, hates that she is allergic to crab meat, small spaces, roller coasters, cheaters, ghosts and ghost stories, smoking, black coffee - it needs to be sweet for her to drink it. She dislikes it when people neglect to take care of themselves.
Family background:
Sora family is only her mother and her aunt. Her father has never been part of her life, and she stopped asking for him when she became older. The Jung family is one of the richest families in Seoul. Known for having the most buildings throughout the city and having ties in politics. Her father died when Sora’s mother became pregnant with Sora. Her father’s family wanting nothing to do with her deny that Sora is their granddaughter.
Passed down from generations the Kim family is a small self-made business based in a traditional Korean home. Running a small restaurant with the charm of the traditional home, The Kim House has been known to bring in all kinds of people across the city. Her grandparents passed away when Sora was 4 years old leaving everything to Sora’s mother and her younger sister. Together they raised Sora, running the restaurant. Sora’s small family is all she has ever known and holds them dear to her heart. Raised by her mother and aunt(and her uncle) as a young girl. She and her cousin grew up together as close as sisters living in the same house after the death of her uncle. The house has always been loud filled with laughter and warm food. It wasn’t until 7 years ago did the Kim House have another male within its walls, desperate for money they rented out the back room of the house to a medical student.

Biography: Sora has come to Vogue after working so many part times and working at her family’s restaurant. She gave up her dream of acting for a safe job to help her family. After the death of her uncle, her family has been struggling with the debt he left behind. Though he was a great family man, he used the restaurant as collateral. Despite the weight of the debt on her family, they don’t let it loom over their lives. Close knit family, Sora and cousin Dasom have been close as sisters. The family welcomed Hyuk with open arms when he moved in 7 years ago. Hyuk has always felt like family, but it didn’t stop the crush Sora formed on him during the beginning of her college years.
It was because of him through one of his friends (who is a model) she was lead into the fashion industry and found a job at Vogue. Sora took the job in a heartbeat for she was the only one working, while Dasom is France for school. She has only been at Vogue for 5 months coming to the office a month after Jae Won started working there. She took the position of being his secretary for the raise. The secretary before is pregnant and received a promotion. (When she gives birth she will have a job lined up.) While everyone fears Jae Won, she is learning to see past his disguise.

Important Relationships:
KIM SO YEON, 48:(FC: Kim Mi Kyung): Sora is close to her mother, they’ve been close as long as she can remember. So Yeon has never held Sora back, she had a hard time letting Sora give up her dream. All she wants is for Sora to be happy and healthy.
KIM SO HEE,46(FC: Ma Ri Ran): So Hee is the loud, crazy and fun aunt everyone wished they had. Sora considers her a second mother. Together her mother and aunt tagged team raising both girls and taught them to be strong.
LEE DASOM, 23(FC: Park Eun Bin) Damson is a sister from another mother, though younger, Dasom is her best friend beside Hyuk. Sora misses her every day, they talk to each other every day.
OH HYUK, 28(FC: Yoon Kyun Sang): During her last year of high school Hyuk moved into The Kim House. Left to fend on his own after his mother remarried, Hyuk needs a place to stay. Despite having no money So Yeon rented to the room to him for him working at the restaurant when he wasn’t at school until he found work. He is well off to leave the house, but he has grown fond of the Kims and choose to stay. He pays them extra for the stay, and always brings friends and coworkers to the restaurant. His best friend since middle school is one of Korea’s top models, Jung Ji Hoon. (FC: Lee Jong Suk)
PARK JAE WON, 31(FC: Kim Jae Wook): Despite his distance, Jae Won has never treated Sora unfairly. She doesn’t quite know what to make of him yet. He seems to give her a fair chance compared to other bosses she had before, she has grown to trust him.
I don’t know if you will bring back old characters, but if you do I will add them on here.

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"The bitter truth is better than the sweetest lies."
Face Claim: Kim Jae Wook
Nickname (if applicable):
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan.
Nationality: Half Japanese and Half Korean
Birthday: March 7, 1987
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Occupation: In Marketing, a new head.
Position and Department: Marketing
Time working at VG: about 5 months now.
Personality: Fair, honest, hardworking, trustworthy, incredibly intuitive and they follow his instincts, quality over quantity when it comes to friends, dreamer and escapists(has been known to take breaks outside of the city, traveling.), romantic, an enigma(his coworkers can never seem to figure him out.), deeply emotional, adaptable, giving and generous, maddeningly indecisive sometimes, fears rejection and the idea of winding up alone, appreciate honesty and sincerity, has competitive side that can take people by surprise & instinctively can read if a loved one is down and in need of support. A true best friend.
Positive traits: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical, quick to think on his feet, charming, a good listener, has a way of bringing out the best in most people. Looks more into a person than their looks, knack for reading a person true intentions, Merciful,
Negative traits: Fearful (mainly of his past coming to haunt him.), overly trusting(the best of people, but he has slowly started putting up his always.), sad, desire to escape reality, can be a victim or a martyr, a bit reserved, he keeps his distance, fighting against his nature to be open and friendly.

Headcanons: He came to work at Vogue because of his past and because he has friends working there. There is a rumor that the company paid top money to get him back into Korea. He has risen to the top at a young age, he no longer cares for promotions or the drama that comes with it. Though he has nothing his office team fears him slightly, since coming to the office he hasn’t tried to form bonds yet. They think of him cold and distance, but they don’t know he is the one who gets every fresh coffee and bread for them in the morning, makes sure their desks are clean or makes sure they never work over time. The light in his office has been seen late at night while his staff has gone home for the night. Those who know him before coming to Vogue are the only ones who know the true him in the office. People are still baffled as to why Thomas and others have been seen close to him.
Likes: Solitude, sleeping, music, romanticism, arts, swimming, animals, hiking, traveling, his pet cat, good & hard workers, dramas(he keeps up with all of the dramas airing.), food stands, family-owned restaurants, Korean pancakes, ramen, The Honey Couple, Hyeri, horror movies, old-style Korean homes, bike rides, warm soups on a cold day, the smell of rain, his small circle of friends, sweets, loves the fall, honesty, a fresh cup of coffee or tea, the old school caramel candies, chocolate chip cookies, watching and playing soccer, playing competitive sports with his local team.

Dislikes: Gossip & rumors, Criticism, inability to get rid of the past, violence, cruel behavior. Feeling vulnerable, people who pretend to be all knowing and authoritarian individuals, mud on his shoes, early mornings, onion breath(bad breath in general), drinking(he never forces people to drink especially past their limit. He drinks only between 1-2 shots if he has too.) drama, lairs, secrets, traffic, overcrowded places, bitterness, summer heat in Korea, bugs, coming home alone, not sleeping, feeling lost, the dark, gets scared easily, people who act cute to get their way.

Family background: Jae Won’s father lived in Tokyo, Japan while working in his father’s business when he met his wife Honoka. As the youngest son, he had to prove his worth to his family. He moved back to Korea when Jae Won has 8 years old. A year later his sister Nana was born. Provided the best schools by his grandfather, Jae Won grew up close to his grandfather since his parents were always working. His father always wanted to prove to his grandfather and his mother a model always traveled between Korea and Japan. Despite the 9 years apart Hana and Jae Won are close, he spoils her. She is a model just like their mother.

Biography: Jae Won was working in Japan before he moved back to Korea. He was betrayed by his girlfriend at the time and close coworkers. He chooses to walk away, he could no longer stay there. It was because Lee Wonho and Thomas that he was able to find work at Vogue. Coming to Vogue he has been rather reserved careful of people. When he went to college his grandfather died and a year later his grandmother.
Important Relationships:
PARK JAE HYUN, 55: Father(FC: Cha In Pyo) When he was young all he wanted was to make his father proud of him. Jae Won would do anything to spend time with his father. He gave up after his sister was born and made a promise to be there for her, unlike his parents.

YAHAGI HONOKA, 52: Mother (FC: Hitomi Kuroki) The first few years of his life he was closer to his mother but it was after she had Nana, she started going back to work that she wasn’t around as much. He loves her, but he knows not to count on her to be there. She and his father would always miss the important events in his life.

PARK NANA, 22: Young sister (FC: Nana Komatsu) Nana is practically the apple of his eye, Jae Won is the dotting and protective older brother. Nana always hated his ex, but she is hoping that he will meet someone who will love him the way he deserves. She is always tempting to hook him up.

LEE WONHO, 36: (Lee Dong Wook): College buddies, they grew close and have been friends ever since. Wonho went to college after serving thus started later than others. He took Jae Won under his wing. At one point they even liked the same girl. Wonho has always been able to read Jae Won thoughts it drives him crazy.

KIM SORA, 26 (Bae Irene): He has come to respect her work ethic and honesty. He finds her to be a good replacement. Yet she seems to always find a way to plague his thoughts.
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