How to delete my account?

  • It is not even possible to open a new topic quite normally or to leave an answer to an admin in one of the other topics - I am disappointed and it annoys me that the site works so slowly and with so many problems. Today I created a new set, just for a test, it said that the set has been succesfully safed - but it isn't, it is lost and also my work! I'd like to cancel my account on URSTYLE but I can't find this option in my account or somewhere else - CAN YOU HELP ME to delete my account, please? Thanks.

  • To be fair- this is a much smaller company and they had an unexpected surge in users when Polyvore shut down. They're working on fixing the bugs and expanding the website for users but you have to consider how these things take time, money and manpower and they do not have as many resources as larger companies (like polyvore did) do. They are doing their best to accomodate and fix everything but naturally, there are going to be bumps along the way.

    They've already clarified that they are doing a huge update to the website today and that they are fixing the issue with items (which is due to the hundreds of people trying to get their stuff uploaded too.)

    I understand your frustration, but we just have to be patient and not be angry with the staff who are just trying their best.

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    @maggotpunk Thank u well said .

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