Complicated and slow editor


    This evening I made my first set here and it was 2 hours of very stressful experience. The editor is complicated,slow and annoys me. I could create only very simple organized set .I hope that in the future it will be better. I am disappointed....

  • Polyfam

    i just created a set in less than 10 minutes. on my side it works quickly, but have to say i know what to find and where. i can quickly select seller and brand. also helpful are my imported texts and embellishments. understand what you mean - have that feeling every time i go to trendme! creating sets at trendme is so stressful and difficult ...

  • Interior Designers

    Yes, it's difficult, but at the beginning it was Poly. was too heavy. Nowhere you can sort the items, that's right. Sometimes I can not like or comment. Am a bit lost here.

  • @ansev I am absolutely with you 😞 I tried to create a set with much of search about Items aso., just a simple not a complicated set, then I wanted to safe the set, it showed that the set has been succesfully safed ... but it isn't !! I can't see/find my set anymore, my set and my work is lost. I'm very disappointed too and I'll delete my account here. Good luck to you!


    @aaliyahjh All you said about Urstyle I think about Trendme. Urstyle is similar to Polyvore, Trendme is different but it is better solution for me at the moment. And sets look better. I don't like simple and organized sets. I can't make sets in my style here. Btw, one set took me more than 10 minutes at Polyvore too.

  • Polyfam

    i just found the reason for slowing down on urstyle twitter:‏

    Following Following @URSTYLE
    We are encountering issues with connection to our database, some of the main features of are not working right now. We have submitted a question to @AzureSupport but did not receive any response yet.


    Mine is slow as well & I also have a hard time searching for items to use in my set unlike polyvore where I could type in "fillers" and got tons of results! 😞 and now nothing is loading for me so I can't even make sets or see followers or anything beside this, I bet the site is overloaded

  • Ur Passion

    @ansev yes is too much slow !

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