I really need some advice...

  • First of all, I apologize for using a forum on here to ask for advice. There's been something on my mind for the past day now (Okay, longer than that, but more so today.) And I basically don't know who else to ask...

    Anyways, see I really like this guy who's actually a radio DJ (Not saying his name or where I live for obvious reasons XP) and he's just a super sweet caring guy. I met him a few times and we'd laugh and have a good time (I even brought him some pancake mix once and he gave me a shoutout on the air, he even remembered my name.)

    Well, last night my best friend messaged him on facebook saying that someone (Saying it as an anonymous tip) likes him and she won't tell, etc and he replied with 'I don't know what to say that that, I'm flattered I guess!' and she's encouraging me to tell him soon. But thing is, I don't know what to say or how to tell him! Should I tell him over facebook or in person next time I see him? And what should I say as to not freak him out or make things awkward? Again, i apologize for coming on here and asking for advice. It's really been bugging me since last night.

    Thanks in advance! ❤

  • Well, i guess its always much charming when you get someones interest, and you get to know it directly from the one whos feeling it.

    In the other hand, you said "I don't know what to say or how to tell him" then I think youre not sure of this feeling, and maybe youll have to spend more time and get to know a better this man. In this opinion.

    Also you may be the kind of girl that says inmediately what she wants and likes, and that I admire a lot because it's taking the opportunities and not letting anything go. Then, go, have fun, and use the moment to tell you like him, without making it a big deal. That it's very attractive from a girl. Taking the action. Congratz

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