Why Urstyle is soooo slowwwww ! I cant do one set in one hour !!! Trendme is very fast !

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  • @anne-melodies Dear, you might want to try to clean your cookies & cache 🙂

    Here are instructions on HOW TO CLEAR YOUR CACHE & COOKIES:

    Chrome: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en

    Mozilla: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/delete-cookies-remove-info-websites-stored

    Good luck! 🍀

  • Trendme has been around a lot longer than URSTYLE has, that's worth some consideration. I understand it's frustrating, but they are working on fixing the issue.

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    @Anne-Melodies first of all, please don't mesh this community, "Hello" is a wrong section, I'm moving this topic to "Help". Secondly, I'm not surprised that trendme is faster right now, they have a very simple website, this one is much more complicated with a bit more active users. We are instantly working on the improvements, but we are not a corporation. If you meet any problems with this website, please just message us, tell about your location (country), browser and system version. This informations will allow us to test your connection speed 🙂 thanks

  • @admin I've been on Trendme after Polyvore shut down & their items are very limited & not current. Their import feature does not work & it is extremely difficult to create a set as moving & resizing items is extremely challenging. I'm here on URStyle b/c the items are cutting edge, the links to external top fashion websites is superb & last but certainly not least, SUPERIOR customer service.

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    People seriously need to remember that staff are human, too. They've been working their behinds off after ex-Polyvorians flooded their site and started to ask, then demand functions. Lashing out is not only exceptionally rude, but also counter productive. Human beings, like yourself, have emotions. Intentionally aiming to hurt them is not a thing you want to do, both socially and purely logically.

    I'm quite certain staff has a thick enough hide to shrug things off, but we, as a community, really need to be reminded that they are human.

    And treat them as such.

  • @myrrael 100% agree. I know everyone is upset about what happened to Polyvore (myself included!!) but that's not urstyle's fault and they've been doing a great job trying to keep up with the demand. Expecting everything to be perfect right away is unrealistic- as someone who had been on Poly for almost 10 years, I can certainly tell you that they did not have every feature right from the beginning. It took time to build something great and it will take time for urstyle to do the same. In the mean time, let's all be grateful that the staff here are trying so hard to make things better!! 😄

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    @golddustgirl Yes, and each other, I might add... I didn't want to mention anything, but the times I help someone out ( as non-staff, not paid or anything ) I don't even get a basic 'thank you' just make me wonder what is wrong with people. 😑

  • @myrrael good point! Many of us users are trying to help each other out too- that's the spirit we need if we want this to be a great community. I'm sorry you've been unappreciated! People can be so ungrateful...

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    @golddustgirl Thank you. It's fine, though. I'm more concerned with the site's staff. Which is the whole reason I'm aiding people. 🙂

    Just, seriously. 'Please' and 'thank you'. It's not rocket science 😛

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