this side of paradise


    Welcome to The Hamptons; the home for the fabulously rich, bathed in class and etiquette and money older than their vintage Ralph Lauren sweaters--or so they say. The mornings are filled with boutique shopping, sipping on Bloody Marys and lounging pool-side in the shade. The afternoons are spent yachting on the inlets and catching polo matches. But the nights? The nights are exclusively reserved for parties. But not just any party. They are parties hosted by the ever-illusive Mr. Jay Gatsby, a man who's past is shrouded in mystery.

    Every night, right after sundown, that large manor at the end of the cobblestoned road, with the iron-clad gates and haunting illumination is opened for the residents of The Hamptons. Here, the best of the best party happens nightly. People from all over clamor to get an invitation, to be part of the guest list, to sip champagne with the best, and to just once be in the presence of such an infamous man.

    But such an infamous man is rarely ever seen. No, you see rumor has it that Jay Gatsby resides alone in his wing of the mansion, silently watching each of the partygoers, observing their behavior and their actions and especially their conversations. He never once attends his own party. No one knows how he does it, or why, but by sunrise the next morning--when only crystal glasses litter the lawn as people sleep off their alcoholic slumbers tucked quietly away in their colonial homes--the true secrets of each of the residents is revealed through a series of published papers--gossip, some may call it. But regardless, this could ultimately make or break your reputation.

    But then again, this is the price to be paid for living in America's most expensive paradise.

    This rp is based loosely on the stories that occur in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby. It is a modernized story, set in present time, and incorporates the classic lifestyles of the wealthy party-goers living in The Hamptons. Stories will revolve around scandal, gossip, mystery, and plotting. There will be a point system based on participation/stories/gossip/etc that will award people with the most points each week a spot on Mr. Gatsby's exclusive list. How can you get on that list? Why, party like Jay Gatsby, of course!

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