Dear Niall Chapter 1

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    Chapter 1;
    The Boys stood outside the Bright Hopes Hospital for Children and Young Women.
    "Ready to go in?" Liam asked.
    Everyone nodded and they walked in, to many cheers.

    Within seconds, Liam was kneeling, hugging a little girl. Harry was chatting, and flirting, with a girl wearing a blue wig, a result of several cancer treatments.

    Niall talked with some kids, laughing and grinning.

    Then a nurse tapped his shoulder. "Niall? Recently we found a box addressed among one patients' possesions....she's in a coma from a bad auto accident....and in case she...doesn't wake up...we wanted you to have it."

    Niall stood up. "Oh...erm, of course I'll take the box."

    The nurse nodded and took his hand, leading him to a back room.

    Niall saw the blonde girl lying on the bed, and froze.

    It was Angelina.

    He went over and sat next to her.

    The nurse handed him the wooden box, leaving the room.

    Niall opened the box, and found several letters.

    He took the first, which was dated 'July 23rd, 2010.'

    The date sprung out at Niall, it was the day he was put into the band.

    Opening the seal, he started to read the letter.

    Dear Niall,
    Congratulations on being put into a band! I know you'll never read these letters, but my parents say that since I'm not allowed to call you or send these letters, I can just keep them. It helps with being away from you, makes me feel like I'm keeping in touch of you. It hurts so much, Niall.

    I know you're wondering why I left Mullingar....there's no way to put it gently...I'm pregnant.-

    Niall stopped there, eyes widening. What!? He continued reading.

    -Yes, with your baby. You're the only guy I've slept with, and when I told Mum, she was furious. She told me that I either had to get rid of the baby or move away. I couldn't bear to abort our baby, so I left. I'm sorry I never got to say goodbye. I'll write again when I can.
    Love Always,
    Angelina xoxo.

    Niall sighed, running his fingers over his ex-girlfriend's lovely, girly handwriting. It still smelled of the perfume she always wore.
    His mind wandered back to the day she left.

    Three Years Earlier

    Niall was awoken by the sound of an extremely loud engine.

    Then he heard something he hoped he would never hear in his life; Angelina Rosewood, his beloved girlfriend, screaming and sobbing, so he sprung out of bed, yanking a shirt and pants on, then ran downstairs and out the front door.

    His dad and brother Greg stood there, watching strong men carry large boxes out of Angelina's house and into a moving van.

    There was a loud commotion, and Niall watched, horror-struck, as Angelina's father wrestled her towards their SUV. She was screaming and fighting against him, trying to run towards Niall.

    Niall started to run forward, but Greg grabbed him around the waist, holding him back. "No!" He said, slackening his grip just slightly. "Stay back. Angelina's dad came over about 'n hour ago....said that she had to move away...said she made a wrong choice...'nd he said that you couldn't say goodbye, that was her punishment in addition to moving away."

    Niall was breathing hard, watching his perfect girlfriend getting into the SUV, crying her eyes out. Niall felt like crying himself, he hated seeing her even a tiny bit unhappy.

    Greg unwound his arms from Niall, and he stood there, feeling sick to his stomach, watching her drive away.

    He watched until the SUV turned a corner and Angelina was gone. He had half a mind to chase after her, to fight for her.

    He turned and walked in the house, not wanting his brother and dad to see him break down. He shut his door, sighing as the first few tears spilled out of his eyes.

    He picked up his cell phone, dialing Angelina's number.

    It rang several times, eventually going to voice mail.

    "Hey, it's Angelina. I can't come to the phone right now, so please leave a message and I'll get back to you. Byyyeee!"

    The tone sounded, And Niall took a breath. "Angelina, it's Niall. I just watched you leave...I love you, I hope you know that...I promise to audition for the X-factor for you...just for you...I really do love you-" He stopped, his voice breaking. "Goodbye, Angelina. I love you so much." He said, hanging up and burrowing under the covers, tears streaming down his face and shoulders heaving.

    He had lost his princess. He had no purpose anymore.

    Eventually he fell asleep, exhausted and empty.

    • a few days later *
      Angelina sat in front of the TV in her new London appartment, watching the Dublin auditions. She smiled sadly, watching Niall walk out.

    (watch;; )

    She smiled, cheering. Her prince was through.

    Or, she realized, as a wave of sadness washed over her, the boy who used to be her prince.

    Niall had watched her drive away.

    She sighed, her hands running over her stomach. She wasn't showing yet. She opened her phone, listening to Niall's message again. She had listened to it every day since she left.

    She sighed sadly, walking to her room and crawling into bed, pulling up a recording of Niall singing.

    She drifted to sleep, smiling.

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