Claudia: My sister's secret,finding out a bombshell

  • Last night as I got home from The night Owl I went to my room and as I lay in bed thinking of Oliver my boyfriend I suppose... I talked to her again.
    I looked at the picture I had on my nightstand and touched it
    "Hey Cel I miss you so much. I thought I should tell you. I have a boyfriend. Im dating a boy and in love for the first timein my life. I hope you would approve og Oliver. Hes amazing Cel and hes a fantastic kisser"I say smiling
    I then read another entery in her journal as I do as a bedtime story. It was the usual Celeste. She talked about the weather and Sister Helens and me but what caught my eye was this
    "One day everyone will know of us JL oneday I will kiss you in public at our wedding"
    Who was JL I wondered. I went to The night Owl to sing that night with the journal in my bag. My father was gone so I was staying there with Ollie. I also was going to get him to help me.

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