Isolde: Vampire Diaries and fainting


    My head was pounding. It had been all day., I hated rainy days. I, ofcourse wouldn't take anything for it scared of hurting the baby though so I had to deal.
    Today the vampire diaries cast came to the school. Everyone was so excited. I had watched the show but my head made jumping up and down over hot vampire brothers impossible.
    I was walking to the dorm to lay down before the preimere when I literally bumped into someone.
    "Im sorry"I stammered
    "Its fine.Are you alright?"asked Steven R Mcqueen.
    "Yea Im fine"I lie smiling"Im sorry I should have been watching where I was going"I start to say then it happens. I feel the ground spinning from under me
    "I...."then it went black
    I woke up in a hospital room hours later while Jake held my hand.
    "Heyyy"He says kissing my forehead.
    "Is the baby alright?"Iask first before thinking of myself
    "Perfect. Baby Fisher is fine. You fainted though"Jake said narrowing his eyes at me
    "I had another headache"I say looking down
    "The doctor says your stress level is high. Soldey so is your blood pressure.Your staying here tonight then tomorrow we are going to Rhode Island to our cabin"He said firmly.

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