My truth about 20 people

  • I have seen this survery around. Im only doing the first part and Im not tagging anyone.Say one thing you have always wanted to say to 20 people

    1. I dont say it enough but I love you so much

    2. No matter what life gives you., always know you have people that care about you,dont throw it away.

    3. For years I prayed that you would change. You never will

    4. I thought you were the love of my life but now I dont think I was ever in love.

    5. Not inviting me to your wedding hurt

    6. I look up to you

    7. You are beautiful I wish you could see that.

    8. I should have said yes to going out with you, but I was scared.

    9. You need to stop calling because everytime you do it kills her.

    10. Im glad we are friends again.

    11. I try my hardest to seek your approvel.

    12. You are an amazing writer, be proud of that

    13. You can always make me feel better about the worst thing

    14 You need to act like a kid for as long as possible.

    1. You are my favorite teacher.

    2. In life they say you meet 7 ppl that help shape your life nomatter if its online you are one of mine.

    3. You will go far in life because of your wit and charm

    4. Broadway here you come

    5. I wish I could fix you but I need to fix myself first.

    6. I wish we still talked

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