Isolde: My assignment: My Father

  • Robert Michaels has never been there for me. When I was younger I thought it was something I was doing to cause his dislike towaed me. As I grew older I began to understand that it wasn't me at all.
    I remember my 14th birthday. It was the time that I still loved lipsmackers,purple anything and was just beginning to like boys. My father had promised to take me to New York shopping for the entire day with River. I was so excited because I had never spent the day with my father for I could remember.
    I was fininshing putting my makeup on in my bedroom when I heard my father talking on the phone.
    ""No, Bruce,I have nothing important to do today.Id love to play golf with the company"
    A few minutes later he was gone and my brother came up and told me he had an emerency at work.
    Yes, a golfing ermency.
    My father never told me he loved me,though my best friends father's did all the time. He never got to know me. All he saw was a problem. When I tried to comit suicide he told me that I needed to shape up.
    Im not saying I am perfect, but theres something about a parent loving their children nomatter what. All I know is that my baby will be cared for the way I wasnt.

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