Claudia: Waking up from under

  • The last few days were a complete blur. I remember Ollie asking me if I wanted water then it all went black. He rushed me to the hospital where they said I had the full Fluenza. I was sent home but quarentined of course.
    Oliver Im sure could have left me, but he didnt. Everytime I woke up he was by my side with my father. I was in and out of it for days, only hearing bits and peices of conversations.
    Dr. Wils told my father there was a great chance that since I was so close with Celeste my immune system could have been affected, so now my life was at risk.
    I wokke up in my childhood room wearing my nightgown and wrapped in my bedsheets. I was sweating so the fever had finally broke. I didnt see Charles or my father but Oliver was asleep in the chair next to me.

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