Chloe Olsen Intro


    *Chloe Olsen/Watchtower: Cute, bubbly and smart, Chloe is an expert Hacker. She is key to any technical plan. Her best friends are Dinah and Clark and she’s married to Jimmy, but there’s some shaky ground there. Can she fix her marriage while keeping the world safe?
    Model: Kirsten Bell
    Taken: Claudia_Hadley_Isse_and_me


    I turned over waking up from my slumber to find Jimmy nowhere to be found. It had been the third morning this week my husband had not been veside me. I sighed and preceeded to get started on the day. I put on a bright smile and went to work at The Daily Planet as usual.
    I had always been interested in journalism,however now working here was more of a cover than anything else. It was a way I could easily access files that would help the Justice League.
    My life had never been normal to say the very least,I had been in love with my best friend Clark Kent for years without him ever seeing me anything other than his friend. I had watched him date Lana,and flirt with my cousin Loisand as much as I would tell him to stop and follow his heart the more mine broke into a millon and one peices.
    Then the most amazing thing happened I fell in love with someone else. A wonderful man named Jimmy Olsen. Long story short we are now married and here I am I should be happy right?
    I sat at my desk accessing files to Luthorcorp not really even trying. I had a power too. A kryptonite charged brain thanks to a villian named Brainiac. Clark was worried at first but it has come in handy too many times. I now help him Oliver and Dinah. Im not a superhero at all. Behind my smile I feel like my marriage is falling a part and Im the one to blame, but to The Justice League Im important. Im their Watchtower.

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