Isolde: Murder Mystery Dinner

  • "You look beautiful Soldey" Jake whispered in my ear as we walked into the castile. He had told me that over and over again and it never got old. As the game started all I could really think of was by this summer we were going to have a family.
    When Delaney screamed she knew who did it I jumped. I had been ignoring the whole game. Im glad I did not end up being the killer.
    When we got back to Jake's dorm he asked me what was on my mind. I told him "The Future"
    "Does it scare you"He asked me with concern in his beautiful eyes.
    "A little I wonder about what he or she is going to look like or what we will end up calling Baby Fisher, or just if Ill be a good mother"I say looking down.
    He pulled me to him"You do not need to worry about any of that. Your going to be an amazing mother.The best ever, and as for the others we will figure it all out"He said kissing me softly

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