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  • Name: Annalise Joy Bulsara
    Style: Very girly, colorful, and fun
    Likes: Music, Singing and Dancing, Iced Coffee, Shopping, Painting, Gardening
    Dislikes: Harsh Criticism, Fake People, B*tches
    Bio: Anna Bulsara is the granddaughter of the legendary, the one-and-only Farrokh Bulsara, Better known as Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the band Queen. She plays acoustic guitar, and hopes to one day be as much as a legend as her grandfather. Her English accent is charming, and her alluring looks do well to hide her insecurities.
    Model:Elsa Hosk
    Why do you want to be a part of this RP? It sounds fun!
    Will you be able to make at least 2 sets a week? Yes unless im on holiday or something.
    Will you be active and comment on others sets? yes Random fact about yourself (We want to get to know you all!
    @elaine-elizabethxo @marie-is-pretty-in-prada

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