Chloe: Dealing with my life

  • "Ok Ollie you can look now I;m Decent"I say adjusting my dress from the backseat of the limo.
    "Three men almost crashed because of you Chlo"Ollie said laughing
    I blushed"No way"
    "Maybe... you clean up good"He said smiling
    "Yea I had to you pushed me in a puddle of mudd" I glare looking at my ruined jacket
    "Better off than dead. You should not have come outside" He said glaring back
    "Dinah called and I thought you needed to hear from her. Didnt you say you wanted to hear from her?"I ask as we pull up at the restaraunt.
    I thank him and get out.
    "Olsen" I ask the hostess
    "Im sorry Miss but Mr. Olsen left 5 minutes ago.
    I felt tears forming and tried his phone."Hey Jimmy Im sorry I was late my meeting ran late I love you"
    I then called Oliver to tell him to pick me back up. It took him a little while because when I got in the limo Dinah was waiting with open arms

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