Chloe: My regretful night

  • 2 months earlier

    "Bart Bring her in here!" Oliver screamed running ahead and clearing the bed off so Bart could lay me on it.
    "Oliver she doesn't look too good. She needs a doctor"Aurther said
    "No doctors!" I screamed in pain"Ollie you promised nomatter what happened no doctors!"
    He nodded hesitately"She'll be fine Go!" He screamed at the members of the justice league.
    An hour ago it was a normal night for the team. We were in Star City on a lead as to the where a bouts of Lex Luthor. I knew Lex, and how dangerous he was and also knew if he was still alive he would go after the people I loved the most first. I volunteered my "brain" services. I had told Jimmy I was going to visit my mother, but as I lay in the bed with a bullit in my side I regretted every lie I had told my husband..
    It wasnt Lex we had chased but kryptonian assiasians. I was high above the action and suddenly the door burst open surrounding me with a man that could have been in my nightmares on any given night,however he stood infornt of me pointing the gun at me. I gulped silently and heard Clark's swoosh sending the man flying. I heard the shot and at first it didnt bother me. I was safe. Then as Ollie and the others came rushing in I saw the horror on their faces.
    I looked down at my dress and saw blood streaming from it. The rchochet bullitt had hit me with some green krypotonite infringed inside.
    Clark could not even get close as I fell on the floor. Everything went blurry. It wasnt the Justice League they were trying to kill. It was me. What better way to destroy Ka-El than to kill his human best friend and making him watch?
    That was an hour ago and Clarke went to get rid of the assiasians.
    "Chlo can you hear me?"asked Ollie's smooth voice
    I nodded then noticing the bandage on my side."The Bullitt its gone?" I asked weakly
    "A doctor owed me a favor. Youve been out awhile are you alright?"He asked stroking my cheek.
    I nodded again"Thank you"
    "Shhh"He said wiping away a tear from my eye
    "Wheres Dinah?"I asked looking around the room.
    "Not sure really. That woman... I cant get her. She knows about me and that doesnt bother her, but claiming her destiney..." He sighs
    "Sounds like Oliver Queen's in love" I say trying to prop myself up.
    "It had to happen eventually"He smiles letting me lean on him.
    "Sometimes Im not sure if Jimmy is"I say suddenly.
    "Trust me Chlo he is head over heels for you. He just doesnt understand the lies"
    "How can I tell him Im some super brain freak?" I ask jerking then hissing in pain.
    "He loves you. He will get freaked out as you say then he will realize its still you. The beautiful blonde hair spitfire every guy cant help to love"
    He says tilting my chin up.
    "I look down and under the covers Im only wearing my purple underwear. I blush and Ollie laughs.
    "Everything else had to be removed. Nearly gave the doc a heart attack" He smiles
    "What about you?"I ask more boldly than I intended.
    "Im offended I didnt look at my friend" He says smirking.
    "Probably would have been appauled anyway. Im nothing specail trust me. Dinah is beautiful and nomatter if she is the black canary or not Im sure shes your destiney Ollie... Im just not sure if Jimmy feels the same about me" I say with tears streaming down my face.
    Oliver gently pulls me closer and looks in my eyes,then he waits for a moment for me to protest he pulls me on top of him"Your not appauling Chloe your so beatiful it hurts sometimes. Nomatter who your meant for your destiney is for you to be my watchtower" He said while stroking my back.
    We leaned in for the kiss at the sametime. it was more passion with Jimmy or even Clarke. It was raw and powerful. As our bodies became one we both knew it wasnt love. It was a one time deal and we would never talk about it again. In that moment we needed each other. I needed to feel wanted and Oliver needed someone to need him.
    That is the secret I carry everyday from my best friend and husband.

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