Hadley: Starting new traditions


    I opened the door to the mansion to the smell of a christmas tree.
    "Abram...Daddy?"I called out letting Garrison down from my arms.
    "In here sweetie"I heard my dad call out.
    I followed his voice to the den where mine and my son's mouth deopped open. It had been transformed into a christmas miracle, with decorations that were new and old, and the biggiest christmas tree I had ever seen.
    "Woooooow"Garry said for us both.
    "Surprise!"Abram said coming in the den carrying 3 cups of eggnog and a sippy cup of chocolate milk.
    "Oh my GOD!" I aquealed in excitement.
    After the three of us explained christmas to the best of our ability we sat near the fire.
    "Thank you" I said softly when my dad had gone to bed.
    "This year has been filled with a lot Had. Not all of it has been pleasant for you. Losing Ariana but you have us"
    I felt waRm tears in my eyes."I miss Arianna she was like a mom to me,I still my my mom,but I gained a father,a crazy sister referring to Schuylar, and my own family that I love so much. I lost a lot this year but I gained more

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