Isolde: Dinner with my parents...


    I called my mother first thing in the morning with Jake's cellphone since she stopped answering my calls. I told her to call dad because Jake and I needed to talk to him. We knew he was in Denmark. My mother became quiet and then said she was with my father.
    I was surprised because she left my father before my wedding, but this was my mom so nothing should surprise me. Since they were both here I invited them to La Corozone tonight.
    All day I kept texting Jake silly questions like Should I wear my hair curly or straiht? Heels or flats? Should I tell them off the bat or wait a little while.
    I got home to the dorm first and was a nervous wreck which made baby fisher not happy either. By the time I heard the door open I had changed my dress 5 times and was currently nursing a burn on my hand from the curling iron. I was not going to have fun tonight. I knew it.

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