Chloe: New options?

  • I loved books and I was planning on stopping by the sale but first I was going to look a job. I worked at a newspaper from the time I was in sixth grade. I needed a day job, an outlet for my own sanity.
    I rode all over the city then started looking in other areas. I even applied to the paper in White Plains. I got off the subway discuraged and then I heard a familar ringtone that made me smile."Follow Through" by Gavin Degraw. I changed my tones on a normal bases but his was specail. He had got me singing the song one night and just sat there listening and when I was done he smiled
    "Hey Ollie whats can I do for you?" I said into the reciever
    "Nothing really no work but just wanted to check on you sidekick." He said softly
    "Im fine a little hungover but Im ok. So, how are you?" I asked crossing the street.
    "Im good,confused about a lot bu.... do you think Kira could be her?"He asked bluntly
    I sighed"Ollie I dont know to me it seems like if you try to hard to be someone then chances are you arent that person. Being someone is just that. You can deny who you are, but you cant change destiny" I say as I trip over a pothole.
    My phone breaks into peices and everyone looks at me. Its like Im in third grade again. Just then a man helps me up.
    "You need to watch where your going, you could get hurt" said a smoothe voice.
    I look up to see one of the most beautiful men Id ever seen."I know Im a clutz,Im fine really
    He was wearing an EMT uniform obviously off duty but he took my hand that was bleeding from the fall."Let me take care of that for you"
    I blushed ever so slightly as we sat on the sidewalk. He pulled out a mini first aid kit from his EMT bag and doctored my wound."I like what you were saying back there. I wasnt trying to listen..."He said bandaging my hand.
    "I...yea my friend needed to hear it. Though now a search party will probably come after me because my phone is on the sidewalk"
    "Husband that protective?"He asked looking at my ring
    "No that wasnt my husband just a friend" I say looking down feeling guilty again.
    "Your a good friend then. They are both lucky men to have you"I smile"Not really Im a clutz remember?"
    He laughs" I/m Davis Davis Bloom" he says helping me up.
    "Chloe... Just Chloe "I said without thinking

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