this set is blegh but whatever

  • Full name Including Title; Duke Harold Edward Styles of Cheshire (I'm really unoriginal but oh well)
    Preferred name; Harry
    Age (16-25); 18
    History; Cheshire is a sleepy town, so Harry never grew up treated any differently than any other boy. His older sister Gemma wasn't married off, which sparked some controversy. He has a cheeky personality and is quite flirty, which has led to him having a reputation as a womanizer. However, he was always quite gentle and loving towards the 3 or so girlfriends he's had. He thinks he could meet a special girl at the Academy and he's looking forward to it.
    Likes; Blazers, cats, his family, golfing, starbucks, singing
    Dislikes; dancing, his reputation as a womanizer
    Qualities you look for in a boy/girl; he wants a ladylike, yet down-to-earth girl who can occasionally let her hair down. He's not picky about trivial details like hair color or eye color, and he wants a girl who he can talk to about anything and not be judged.
    Model; Harry Styles

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