Isolde: If I were a superhero

  • Thank you to Engeinda and I Love Shoes for clipping the dress)

    I woke up in the lecture hall on Nadia's shoulder as usual. She was getting up because class was over.
    "Really Isse my shoulder is not your personal pillow"She huffed as we were walking out the door.
    "Ms. Michaels if you want to sleep so badly please dont waiste my time" Professor Lowder said at his desk.
    I smiled at him"Im sorry Professor Lowder I havent been sleeping well here lately. College is so overwhelming. I feel worthless like Im not good enough" I say seeing his heartbreak infornt of me
    "Your good enough Ms Michaels. Ill tell you what you can have Ms Stevens turn in your assignments until you get to feeling better.
    I smiled and hugged him
    "She feels so good" He thought to himself
    I smiled again and walked out to where Nadia was supposed to be waiting.
    "Nad....?"I said annoyed
    "That was shameless Isse. Do you always have to get what you want" I heard
    Nadia often went invisable to keep an eye out for me. My friend River if need be would literally break the door down to get to me. I was apart of a superhero family and to the other two I was the baby, the one that needed protecting.
    A little later River Nadia and myself sat in the college cafeteria eating lunch.
    "Its not my fault if they make metal doors so easy to remove. I shouldnt feel responable for ruining a door when I saved 12 people from gunpoint"River whined
    "You do bacause its human Riv, we are mostly human anyway. Just like I feel guilty when I have to watch people. Its invading peoples privacy its wrong" Nadia said
    I was listening in on peoples thoughts
    "I hate tuna" one girl thought
    "I have to ace this test I have to I have to" another girl thought
    "He is so hot"a sweet girl's voice thought.
    I looked around the room to find who it was. In the corner table was a blonde girl sitting beside two guys. She kept on staring at River.
    "Riv you have an admirer"I said totally interupting the conversation.
    "Thats what Im saying. Isse just because you can listen doesnt mean you should" Nadia said in her motherly tone
    "Who?"River asked ignoring Nadia
    "Pretty blonde next to GQ and prince charming"I say smiling at the table.
    Just then the girl comes over and sits down next to River.
    "Hi I know this is forward of me but my bestfriends Eli and Jake refuse to take me to a movie. I have to for class and I dont want to go a lone" she said gently touching his hand as she spoke
    She was a hero too. She had to be the way River melted and accepted. She had a calming touch
    "I told Jake it would work. Hes so cute completely worth it" she thought.
    "Im Laurel by the way"She said.
    We introduced ourselves then the GQ model having heard everything came up to Nadia
    "Im Eli Hartley. I have seen you around Ms Steven. I agree its hard taking care of people too" He whispered in her ear letting her know suttley he had a power also. The ability to hear everything and apparently make Nadia swoon too.
    I looked over at the table. The only one left was Jake. He wasnt coming overlike Laurel or Eli did he sat there avoiding my gaze.
    I tried to read his thoughts but they were jumbled. It almost hurt my head I was trying so hard. Then suddenly I heard a whisper in my own mind
    "Stop trying to read my mind. It isnt nice"
    I looked around and saw Jake looking right at me smiling.
    "I wasnt....."I thought feeling myself blush.
    "You were and I cant be read if I refuse to, specail gift. Now come over here and introduce yourself" He thought
    I slowly got up and obeyed him. I wasnt being forced by him, more like a trance I was willing to endure.

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