Chloe: What am i doing?


    I woke up this morning in Jimmy's arms for the first time in weeks. He came home from an undercover mission and for the first time in what felt like forever we made love. It was sweet and perfect. I slept better than I had since 2 months ago.
    I awoke and he kissed me" Hey beautiful"He said sleepily
    "Hey" I said smiling at him"I love you so much"
    A few hours later our day had to begin. I decided to job hunt again. Jimmy was excited about the prospect of heros showing themselves. It was the perfect story. I was scared of it. I passed by the hospital and for some reason unknown to meI walked in and asked for Davis Bloom.
    "Just Chloe!" He said when he saw me
    "Its Chloe Olsen"I said smiling at him.
    "Hows the hand?"He asked walking closer to me and my God he smelled good.
    "Its good thank you. I wanted to properly thank you"I sais shaking his hand
    I spent the entire morning with him. I walked with him to see patients which he loved to do. We told our stories and he smiled and my world brightened a little more.
    "I better be going"I say around noon
    I can drive you if you like Chloe"He said already leading to the van.
    He drove to my apartment in silence.
    "Thank you Davis for everything"I say unbuckling my seat belt
    "Anytime"He said just then his body began to shake and he held his head
    "Davis..."I said putting my hand on his shoulder then dropping it quickly.
    "Im fine Ive been having headaches lately Im fine though.
    "Ok then after your shift go and rest" I demand
    "See you Just Chloe"He said as he drove away.
    On the desk was a package for me. It was a new cellphone
    "Here ya go sidekick. Be careful we need you

    It was around midnight when I heard the knock at the door. I knew Jimmy always left his key but wasnt he on assignment? I got out of bed in my little night gown not bothering with a rob and went to the door.
    I opened it

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