Charlie Addilynn Wood

  • This is the first set I published for an OC so please don’t judge it or report it. I have more but I doubt they’ll see the light of day but who knows because this was a lot of fun to make!!

    Full Name: Charlotte Addilynn Wood

    Date Of Birth: November 28th 1999

    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Relationship Status: Single

    Mental Health: Depression, Anxiety, and Cutting

    Personality: Distant, mean, and grumpy until she gets to know you then she’s caring, giggly, and sweet.

    Likes: Being around her favorite people to forget her pain and sadness. Getting piercings and tattoos. Parties, pot, and alcohol to drown out her emotions.

    Dislikes: Being called Charlotte instead of Charlie. Being around her parents and people she doesn’t know very well. Being alone with her thoughts. Being around large amounts of people without her friends.

    Tattoos: Origami swan on her right wrist and ‘beautifully broken’ on her hip.

    Piercings: Nose, tongue, nipples, belly button, and hips.

    Random tidbits of information: Her family is disappointed in her for dropping out of college because of her severe depression and anxiety. They never forget to remind her about it when they argue. She built up a shield to protect herself. She pretends to be strong and confident but when she’s all alone she can’t help but cry.

    She wears band and anime bracelets to cover the cuts on her wrist. One day her mother walked in when she had her bracelets off. Her mother accused her of doing it for attention. Her mother told her father and now they bring it up every time they get upset with her.

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