Ashtyn Skyler Bailey

  • These are so much fun to make!! I have one more planned. I don’t why but they’re all so dark. I honestly tried to write him a cheerful life but nope lol

    Full Name: Ashtyn Skyler Bailey

    Date Of Birth: October 6th, 2000

    Zodiac Sign: Libra

    Sexuality: Gay

    Relationship Status: Single

    Mental Health Disorders: Anxiety and night terrors.

    Personality: Shy, giggly, cute, and cuddly.

    Likes: Baking with his partner. pastel colors, cuddling, going on cute dates, adorable animals, cozy sweaters, and folding origami.

    Dislikes: Talking about his parents, sleeping in the dark, and being alone.

    Tattoos: None

    Piercings: Three in each ear.

    Random tidbits of information: Ashtyn’s mother knew about him being gay years before his father found out. She approved because she could never hate her only son no matter what. She’d take him to the store and let him buy whatever adorable clothes he wanted.

    When his father found out that he was gay he tried to kick him out but his mother wouldn’t let him. Every time his father seen something he deemed gay he’d attack Ashtyn. Ashtyn was too scared to wear the cute clothes he loved so much.

    His mother couldn’t handle seeing the pain that the man she loved put her only child through. She fell into a depression and killed herself. Ashtyn’s father attacked him even more. He blamed Ashtyn for his mother’s death. Ashtyn blamed himself just as much as his father did. He convinced himself that he deserved the beatings and that he should’ve hidden his bruises better from his mother.

    Ashtyn was too terrified to stay in his own home. He got a job to get away from his father. When he got his first paycheck, he rented the cheapest apartment he could find. He didn’t have enough money for furniture or even food but he fell asleep on the cold hardwood floor with a huge smile on his face knowing his father couldn’t hurt him for being himself anymore.

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