Jayden Cyrus Smith

  • Full Name: Jayden Cyrus Smith

    Date Of Birth: May 11th,

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Relationship Status: Taken @bumble-bucky

    Mental Health Disorders: Depression

    Personality: Protective, caring, and clumsy.

    Likes: Coffee, street racing, animals, and loud music.

    Dislikes: Talking about his family and past.

    Tattoos: Wolf/forest sleeve and an owl on his chest.

    Piercings: His eyebrow and his lip.

    Jayden was raised by his single mother. His mother never wanted to be a mother anyone who seen their family could tell. She partied and slept around while Jayden who was the oldest child took care of his three siblings. His mother made her drug addiction more an of a priority than her children. Any money she’d get would go straight to her drug-dealing boyfriend.

    Jayden was forced to get a job to be able to feed his family. Taking care of his family was really hard on Jayden especially when he felt like his mother didn’t care about them. He started feeling depressed. He couldn’t understand why his mother was always at her boyfriend’s instead of with her family. The only times he’d talk to her they’d argue. He’d cry in his room after they fought. He felt worthless and he started hating himself for not being good enough for his mother. After years of this treatment, he replaced his sadness with anger and he grew to hate his mother.

    Jayden’s mother was arrested and forced to sober up in jail. When her mind was finally clear she felt absolutely awful for what she put her family through. When she got out she worked for Jayden’s trust but he never forgave her. Jayden couldn’t stand the idea of living under the same roof as his mother whether she changed or not. He moved out and still hasn't spoken to his family.

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