Chloe: Partying,Drinking,Drink games woooo


    That night I slept but not well. I had dreams of Jimmy,Oliver even Davis. Everytime I woke up Davis was the one that was there beside me though. I went to get some water at one point and noticed the door was locked. Odd, I never locked the door even when I should. I got the water and went back to sleep awaking a little while later to a warm hand on my face. It was Oliver. He put his finger to my lips and mouthed"Are you ok?" I nodded and he kissed me deeply then he was gone.

    I went to work for the first time today. Fact checking was a breeze. By lunch I was done with everything. Davis came and took me to lunch. He stayed rue to his word because he bought me coffee and made me smile. Back at work I was fact checking an article about the riots when I saw pictures Jimmy had taken. I let out a sharp breathe. Even if it was of the riots he took them so I printed them off and stuffed them in my back to take home. I never noticed the shadow of a man in the background.
    I got home to the penthouse and Id be alone tonight. Davis worked every other night until 4 am. I sighed then headed to the party dreading having to see everyone being happy, except me.

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