Teen Vogue Exclusive Interview-Jaslyn Blackwell

  • Jaslyn Blackwell, 18, known as 'Jazzi' to her family, friends and fiance Damon, walks into our studio wearing a glitzy gold sequined dress, a sparkly black bolero jacket and glittery gold flats. Her blonde hair is curled into ringlets and she smiles confidently, a hand on her 6-month pregnant belly. She turns off her phone, telling her fiance that she loves him and she'll call him later.

    Teen Vogue: So, Jazzi, what's it like being Cody Simpson's stepsister?
    Jaslyn: It's definitely crazy; we have the paparazzi hounding us whenever we go out. But it's worth it; I love him a lot and he's really down-to-earth. When he's home we eat pizza and watch movies.

    TV; What about your soon-to-be brother-in-law, Ed Sheeran?
    J; Oh, I love him a lot. I've always been a massive Ed Sheeran fan, and he's super nice. He has a really good sense of humor and he always has the best stories to tell, and you can tell he loves Jess a lot. I'm really happy for her.

    TV; But you have your own perfect fiance now. What's he like?
    J; (Laughs) Damon is the sweetest guy ever. He's my everything. Being my best friend's twin brother, it was a bit weird in the beginning, but I remember, the first time I saw him, I thought "Oh, hey, he's really cute." But, of course, I couldn't just tell Monroe "Hey, I think your twin is really cute." Because she'd think I was crazy. But he's amazing. He's really supportive about my pregnancy.

    TV; Last question: About your pregnancy. Have you decided on the twins' names?
    J; Yes! We're naming the girl Leila Monroe, and the boy Gavin Cody.

    TV; Thanks for coming, Jazzi!
    J; Thanks for having me!

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