Eloise Tallburg audition


    Eloise Talburg
    Pairs Skater with Saul Valetta
    We missed you; those are the words Eloise is expecting at her return to the academy. Eloise disappeared last year to go train privately with Saul to prepare for this season. Rumors went around that she had a baby or that she went to rehab, but they are all just rumors, untrue trash the spreads like wildfire at the rink. Eloise is a perfectionist and she knows it, on the other hand Saul just goes with the flow and doesn’t care. It is a wonder the two are able to stand each other long enough to practice and skate together.
    Model: Lea Michele

    2nd choice- Willow Lowman
    3rd choice- Peyton Keeler
    4th choice- Annabelle Spaulding


    I landed my triple axel with grace as I always did. It was time for Saul to pick me up,however he was too busy listening to his ipod to notice my que so instead of soaring through the air as our routine called for I landed hard on the ice.
    "Oh God El Im sorry I wasnt paying attention. Here let me help you up" Saul said yanking his earphones out and taking my hand.
    I bounced up and brushed myself off"Saul pay attention thank God that was practice and not competion"I say letting go of his hand.
    "Yea I know.. Im rusty I guess. A year is a long time.. Ill get it buttercup dont worry" He said spinning around me smiling making me smile too.
    I was glad to be back. Saul was right a year was a very long time to be away from something you love. I was back though, because I belonged here skating as Saul as my partner and I was going to be the best.

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