Chloe: Shopping, coupling and learning new truths

  • Last night Davis stayed over. It was nice to not have to worry about what time it was. Before we retired to my room Di invited me shopping and I did need new clothes so I accepted. She even invited Davis to go to lunch with us. Oliver just stared off into space.
    "Whats his problem?"Davis asked later that night when we were cuddling.
    "Who's?"I asked resting my head on his beautiful chest completely in bliss.
    "Queen"He said tensing suddenly
    "Oliver has a lot to worry about"I said lacing my fingers with his.
    Davis smiled at me."Yea, he eaves in the middle of the night not coming back til early in the mornings to have sex with Di"He said in a tone I didnt reconize.
    "Yea..."I said feeling my stomache clench.
    He kissed me suddenly hard on the lips.
    "Davis, it feels weird I just heard the door open which means Olivers back its his house. I dont want him to hear us" I say with a tease but meaning it.
    "The night you fainted he didnt waiste anytime trust me" He says kissing my neck.
    I felt my heartbreak slightly, then I gave in to him making sure I moaned Davis' name loudly for listening ears.

    We got up early and headed to the city. Davis was on my arm Di was on the other. It should have been perfect, however I kept on thinking of Oliver.

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