let's waste time, chasing cars, around our heads

  • Name: Aoife {ee-fa} Carlin Gallaghan
    Age: 15, soon to be 16
    Princess of: Ireland
    Model: Saoirse Ronan
    Personality: kind, fair, forgiving, but if you get on her bad side she's fierce, rude and sassy
    Style: very high-fashion. She likes to add details that hail back to ancient Irish fashion, like lace and beads.
    Likes: shoes, anything luxury, spas, classical music, photography, lounging by a beach, tropical drinks, very well made Irish liquor
    Dislikes: anything cheap, tacky or knockoff, visible logos except on shopping bags, cheap liquor, rap music, wannabes, faux fur, players
    {choose one only}

    Family: Eoghan Gallaghan-45-Domnhall Gleeson
    Siobhan Gallaghan-39-Kelly MacDonald
    Devon Gallaghan-Niall Horan (if taken; Devon Murray)
    Biography: Aoife is a traditional Irish princess. Trained in archery, swordfighting and of course, dance, she's the people's princess. However, she sometimes would rather not dress up in ridiculous tight lace gowns and pose for portraits. Her parents want to marry her off, but she would rather marry for love or not at all. She's known for wearing furs. Sorry, PETA, but she can't hear you through her rabbit-fur earmuffs!
    Secret: She had a scandalous summer fling with Prince Harry. Nobody knows!
    Storyboard/Collection: coming soon

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