Chloe: What am i supposed to say?


    We had the weekly meeting today and the topics were Norman leaving,the Black Canary, and the pink archer. I spoke a little while then sat down next to Di. Jimmy wasnt there and no one had seen him. My mind was all over the place. I missed my husband so much, I was in love with Oliver as well, and my fun guy Davis was complicated. I was supposed to meet him for dinner tonight.
    After the meeting I went to the penthouse and changed. Oliver took me out to dinner last night, now Davis. Maybe my luck was turning around. Just then I got a call
    "Chloe I need to see you"
    "Jimmy? Why? Whats wrong?"
    "Come to the apartment as soon as possible"
    He had hung up on me. What the hell? I texted Davis and said Id be an hour late something came up for work. He was understanding as usual. I checked myself over and then went to my old life.

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