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  • ^^Do You Hear The People Sing (Reprise) || Les Miserables

    obligatory 'les mis is amazing' set

    just returned from seeing the film and it's safe to say i was thoroughly pleased with it.
    and i just want to say, that film deserves all the oscars. ALL OF THEM.
    while i've always been a fan of the stage production, this movie definitely stood up to par with it.

    and now i must admit i'm a new fan of eddie redmayne, who was wonderful as marius (and so much more oustanding than nick jonas, in my opinion.)

    anne did a wonderful job. i love her rendition of 'i dreamed a dream' but i can't really compare it to the musical version, because i see them as two separate entities.

    samantha barks especially stood out. i've been a fan for a while, and it was wonderful to finally see her shine on the big screen.

    of course, hugh was amazing. i think that man can do no wrong. and helena and sasha were so wonderful as the thernardiers (who happen to be some of my favorite characters).

    russel crowe was good. but i guess i prefer the voice of norm lewis as javert instead of russel. i felt like javert needed a bit of a more baritone voice.

    and i was certainly that one person in the theater gasping and squealing at every cameo i saw, like colm wilkinson, hadley fraser and killian donnelly.

    and finally, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief for the fact that taylor swift was not cast as eponine.

    and yup, that's about it 🙂

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