Isolde: Just got a whole lot colder in here


    My Morning sickness was back with a vengence. Let me tell you anyone that says it only last the first month lies and should get nothing but coal for christmas. Today we received our last writing assignment for the year. We had to write a christmas fairytale. I liked that idea alot. When I got to the dorm I was ready to write about 50 plus pages of the perfect christmas fairytale, however on the floor next to the door was a box adressed to me. I took it inside and opened it.
    Dear Isolde,
    This is one of many gifts I am givig you this year. I have 18 years to make up for. I love you my daughter, and I will find a way to show you that.
    Love, Dad.
    I threw the box away in the trash with looking inside.

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