red hair, hand-me-down-robes and a stupid expression? you must be a weasley

  • name; dominique charlotte wealsey
    age; sixteen
    requested house; gryffindor
    blood status; pure
    wand; ivy, unicorn hair, nine and three quarter inches
    patronus; dove
    boggart; drowning
    personality; dominique is a very quiet, shy girl, but once you get to know her she comes out of her shell. she is unintentionally flirty towards most boys, and you can't help but like her, she's so kind to everyone. she's fiercely loyal and, despite her shy demeanor, will stand for what she believes in.
    bio; dominique is the middle child of bill and fleur wealsey. she has an elder sister, victoire, and a younger brother, louis. she loves both her siblings, but gets along with louis better than victoire, because they have similar interests. while victoire would go to parties with cute boys, dominique would stay home and read a book. she's one-eighth veela, but sometimes doesn't like it because she doesn't /mean/ to flirt, guys are just drawn to her. she's the overprotective big sister to hugo, mostly because he's cocky and thirteen and thinks he's all that. she gets along with most of her couins and relatives.
    model; ginta lapina

    name; Devon Greg Finnegan
    age; sixteen
    requested house; Ravenclaw
    blood status; half
    wand; chestnut, dragon heartstring, ten inches
    patronus; labrador dog
    boggart; trolls. he /hates/ them.
    personality; Devon is a ladies man. It must be that Irish charm ;). He's quite chivalrous, and the perfect gentleman. Helping old ladies across the street? Devon's your man. He's timid, and prefers when the adventures stay in his books.
    bio; Devon is the only child of Seamus Finnegan and a muggle, Deborah Gallagher, though his mum is soon to have her second child. Devon grew up in Dublin, Ireland and enjoys football, quidditch and flirting with girls. He wants to find his princess, the girl he can sweep off her feet and spoil and treat like royalty, but so far she hasn't come around. but he knows she's on her way. He's clever and quick, but timid of danger.

    Devon is a master at charms, but fails miserably at potions. He secretly devours his mum's tabloids, and it will take nothing short of the cruciatus curse to get that out of him. He also has a pet owl, who he named Charles. He loves good food and company, and occasionaly sticks his head out of his books to enjoy a party.
    model; Mitch Hewer

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