Chloe: The Prophet, learning the truth


    Jimmy held me all night long. He didn't know what to say, and he didnt try to tell me everything was going to be ok. He just held me. At about 9 this morning a deliever man came by our apartment carrying a package addressed to me.
    It was a beautiful dress,shoes,clutch,jewelry. They were very expensive and all from The Prophet. I sighed and read the note
    "Put this on. A limo will pick you up at 12 sharp"
    The Prophet
    I was really not liking all of this. I got ready and told Jimmy to meet me at the penthouse. I was going to tell the league whatever it was at once. So, at noon I went inside to the waiting limo. A man put a blind fold on me. Ofcourse I thought why wouldnt I be frightened and blinded? We rode for what seemed like hours then the car stopped.
    I was lead outside and I couldnt help but shiver. I wasnt sure if we were even in New York still. I was taken inside and lead to a door as the blindfold came off.

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