Chloe: Am I living or dying?


    That morning I was still reeling from everything I had learned from the stupid evil incarnate prophet. I got up early to go to work and before I left I filled a flask with vodka. All during the day I poured it in my coffee,soda,tea anything I drank but I still didnt get drunk.
    I spent my day looking up anything to do with the killings. Damon (prophet) was right this Doomsday was evil. He savagedly killed each victom. The crime photos were almost too much to bear.
    My phone rang and rang but I let the voicemail get it. I had messages from Clark,Ollie,Jimmy and Davis. Every man I had a link to. They were each worried about me. This thing was one of them? None of them could do these things. The calls from Jimmy were the worst though
    "Chlo Whats going on? I thought we were trying to fix thing. Please dont give up on us"
    Jimmy wasnt Doomsday he couldnt be. I went to the penthouse and got ready for the party to celebrate the "good" news". Dinah's good news felt like my worst nightmare. I couldnt help but wonder if what the prophet said about Oliver and me was true, scratch that I knew it was. If there was no black canary wed be together and maybe that news would be mine instead of hers.
    I dressed in a sexy dress and had already drank more than I should when the party was going on. Tonight I was determined to forget about everything.

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