Chloe: It's not real its not right

  • "You tore my dress!!!" I screamed at Jimmy giggling as we got home to the apartment.
    "Yea... well it was too short anyway"He said blushing
    "Ok get dressed and pack some more things Chlo I want you to be confortable there" Jimmy said with sadness in his eyes.
    I stood there just in my underwear being vunerable infornt of Jimmy more than I ever have then I say it
    "Jimmy, I want to stay here with you. I want to be here incase he comes. I want to be here because I love you"
    He smiled then put me in a hug"God, that sounds good to hear, but your staying with Oliver and Di. He can protect you"

    30 minutes later I stood outside the door to the penthouse with Jimmy. Though Oliver was there I felt sad and irritated that Dinah was there with him.

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