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    Anya Amasova; ID

    SUNDAY 30
    All of us are headed downtown for Stockholm's annual dance show to celebrate a new year.

    [[included; @paula-v and @lixi-bunny]]

    There were far too many people here for Anya's liking. Too many people to watch and keep track of and observe. And quite frankly, it made her job of looking for that Agent 007 very difficult.

    But she managed.

    "You look like you need another drink," Holly said approaching her with a peace offering of a freshly uncorked bottle of champagne.

    Anya just stared at the bottle, then back to Holly.

    "Oh, right. You're not the drink-from-the-bottle type," she replied, turning around to grab the closest empty crystal glasses in order to pour herself and Anya some of the bubbly drink.

    "Thank you," Anya replied back with a faded smile, taking the drink from one of her few friends.

    They both took a generous sip. Anya continued to stare out into the crowd, unfazed. Holly glanced at Anya, then quirked an eyebrow as she observed her.

    "You're scowling so you obviously have your thinking face on. What's on your mind?" she inquired.

    Anya took another sip of her drink and shook her head. "Nothing, just business."

    The answer didn't seem to convince Holly, so she pressed on. "Business? Or /business/ business?"

    Anya's head snapped to the direction of Holly. Her actions may have seemed like she was enraged, but since Anya was a master of controlling her emotions, she simply smiled and chuckled lightly.

    "No, no. Just work. It's really boring, actually. And I've promised myself never to talk about work in the event that my friends die from boredom. And what do you mean by /business/ business?"

    Holly shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly and giggled. She took another sip of her drink. "I dunno, you're always so cryptic about your work. I just figured you may have been doing something strange and exciting on the side."

    "Me? Strange and exciting? Oh please..." Anya scoffed, rolling her eyes.

    "Yeah, you're right. You're just simple `ole Anya," Holly added, laughing along.

    "Excuse me for butting in," a blond-ish, tall woman said. She moved between Anya and Holly, then turned toward Anya.

    "Anya Amasova, correct?" she inquired.

    Anya nodded her head 'yes.' "And you are?"

    "You can call me Rita. Rita Brown," the woman said. "May I have a word? I promise it won't take long."

    Anya glanced at Holly, who nodded her head in approval, then turned back to Rita. "Alright," she agreed.

    "Perhaps outdoors, then? It's a bit more private," Rita replied.

    Anya obliged and quickly followed the woman outside of the building and into the cold Stockholm night. She was grateful she had brought along a fur jacket to keep her warm.

    "Now what exactly is it that requires my urgent presence?" Anya asked, smoke following her speech as her breath hit the cold air.

    "I have a letter here, signed by a General Gogol with a request that the recipient be solely Agent XXX," Rita said as she pulled out from somewhere a black envelope.

    Anya took a cautious step back. Her hand naturally moved to the direction of her hidden gun.

    "Don't be alarmed, Agent XXX. Let's just say we're in the same business. I've known about you for sometime," Rita replied in an effort to calm Anya. "Here, take it," she said, holding out the envelope farther.

    Anya, realizing she must have seemed frightened, regained her composure and pursed her lips as she took the envelope. "Where did you get this? Who gave it to you?" she questioned.

    Rita shrugged her shoulders. "I honestly do not know."

    Anya, still skeptical, turned the envelope over and hastily ripped the side. She pulled out the black letter folded inside and scanned over the scarlet writing, all neat and cursive-like.

    It discussed such topics like her current mission to kidnap the head of the stock exchange in Stockholm and how to do so and who was to assist her. Her eyes momentarily paused when the name of Agent 007 appeared on the line preceded by the words 'You will be assisted by...'

    Anya looked up from the letter, the words still baffling her. "Why is 007 listed as my ally for this miss--"

    She paused, realizing the person she was to be talking to was not there. Anya glanced around her surroundings, but Rita was nowhere in sight.

    "So that's what it feels like..." she muttered to herself, her breath once again appearing in the cold air.

    Anya's eyes returned to the letter, reading and re-reading it over again. There was no way she could possibly work with Agent 007. Not only was he definitely not an ally of the KGB, but she hated him.

    Pure hatred. Especially after the fact that he had murdered her lover. Bile rose in her throat at the thought of having to see 007 again. She couldn't go through with this mission.

    But yet, she had to. It was her job and her duty. Gogol wouldn't tolerate anything else. She simply had to brave it all, put on a seductive smirk, and pretend like she's always done.

    Anya took a heavy breath and pulled her fur coat tighter against her body before she retreated back inside, this time with the definite intention of having a bottle of champagne.

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