• what i liked- "gangam style" and "call me maybe" really catchy songs, and dancy,too. The wanted and ed sheeran, this was the year i met them better and got to become fans of them ❤ my true friends: i noticed who a real n who are fake, those i know wh will be there for me are the most special and love them. the tv series and movies that i got to watch, like TLG, dance academy, bridesmaids, ufff n many many more, loved those new shows and movie especially BIG TIME MOVIE, love that movie, love btr. well singing and guitar classes, this year i took classes to get better 🙂 new music in my life, too, i became more rocker, punker, my fav. band this year:foo fighters, evanescence, linking park, red hot chili pepper, AAR, MCR and many many more. also i loved tay's single "we are never ever getting back together" loved the song and love her. NOw the the pikachu it represents the "fiesta de colores" that is a show made in my school for high school/ middle school. middle compites with there grades (6,7,8), high school compites with there different grades (9 vs. 10 vs. 11 vs. 12) we compite with different dances and mixes of songs, and we dress like a certain thing acording to there grade color. and my grade was yellow, pikachu 🙂 so even though we didnt win, i loved the costume, we were in 3th place (we supose to be last, broke rules, too much) and it was kinda fun 🙂 except 4 the part that i didnt get to dance with the guy i liked when i had the chance, why? because im a coward.
    didnt really like- 1D, yeah i know everyone loves them and blah blah blah, but i dont really like them, they can be cute and all but is just not really my type, but i dont really want to ofend any directioner. then it comes my bday: this is something i hate from 2012, really like who cries of sadness on it's bday? well me, because well my bday sucked and my friends literaly showed that they gived a damn for me and for my bday and for my friendship. this is how i also realized my true friends, i didnt really like the fake friend who tht didnt really care about me. now i got more enemies this year, well they concider me as an enemy i dont really give a Damn. and another thing i hated: grade parties, the only thing they did was drink and smoke and i dont do any of those things, and god they really didnt show that much party emotion you have when you are in a party, they were just getting drunk and hanging with there frineds, its like a real bad skins u.s episode without the sex part 😛

    so that was my 2012 🙂

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