• Your Name: see previous set
    Character Name (both disney AND real world): Arthur Pendragon// Arthur Pendron
    Character wanted if you don’t get your first choice: I don't care who.
    Age: 18
    About the character?
    In the disney world...
    Arthur Pendragon pulled the sword out of the stone, was trained by the wizard Merlin, blah blah. He's small and scrawny.

    In Cape Elias;
    Arthur is mischevious, courageous and chivalrous. He has a dog, Merlin, and likes video games, soccer and flirting. He's searching for his"princess", the girl he can sweep off her feet.
    Rules Password?: small town, big secrets
    Sample para (1-2 paragraphs in/or not in character):n/a
    Anything else?:nope

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