Chloe: Saving a love so he can be with someone else

  • Oliver stopped texting me last night. He was somewhere drunk and didnt want to see anyone. I knew Di needed him there, she needed him sober or after she stayed with Jimmy and I shed leave and none of us would see her again.
    I told Jimmy where I was going, but I didnt tell Dinah. She wouldnt want me to find him, I needed to for both of us.
    I did some digging and hacked into several accounts and found he had been spending hundreds of dollars at The Ace Club. Thats where I went, but I took Clark. I needed muscle and he was the only person Ollie was even remotely scared of.
    As we were getting out of the limo. I looked at Clark.
    "You ok?"I ask softly
    "A lot to process Chloe"He said still in shock.
    I had told him everything about Jimmy and me,The prophectecy,Davis being Doomsday and Oliver.
    "You hate me?"I ask refusing to cry as we walk inside the club like we owned the place.
    "Never Chloe now lets go get him so I can kill him and Doomsday"He said with an arm around me

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