Chloe: I trusted you idiot

  • Jimmy knew that the Olivia news was a big blow for me, so over the New Years he took off work and we spent as much time together as possible. He took me out to dinner and to a movie just like a real date. My heart still hurt over Oliver's betrayel but Jimmy was here with me so it was healing in a way.
    I wasnt mad at Ollie for having a child with Bella.. ok maybe a little and I understood why Di was mad but for me it was different. Oliver was my bestfriend growing up besides Lana and Clark. As messed up as our relationship has been we were honest with each other. Now I find out I never knew him. I didnt even know of Bella.
    Jimmy got a call from work he had to go photograph an ancident.
    "Isnt there someone else?"I ask begging him not to go.
    "I wish there was.. Ill be back no later than 2 in the morning ok"He kissed me and was headed out the door.
    "You better be Im headed for Californa this week with..."I trailed off as the door was opened by Jimmy.
    It was Oliver to watch over me. Great just great

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