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  • ^^Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) || Pirates of the Caribbean
    Gabriel Irons; THPOE

    December 28th – 30th: Event: Feeling daring? Well if you are; meet up with your other cast members at the local tattoo parlor. We all love Disney, so why not get some Disney ink? Just make sure that you put it somewhere your costume will cover.

    Challenge: Make a set featuring the tattoo your character got (check @disney-dreaming’s items if you need ideas). If your character was too chicken to get a tattoo, make a set featuring what they did today instead.

    [[included; @larissa-xo and @superbradyann
    tagging; @citylimitsxx and @vikkirose]]

    Elena hasn't spoken to me.
    She hasn't spoken to me in three days, nineteen hours and ten minutes.
    But who's counting?

    She's been too busy walking with a stick up her a-ss.

    I've even attempted to talk to her and she just ignores me. Okay, maybe it's because I'm being a--as she says--'sassy and rebellious bad-boy'.

    Whatever that hell means.

    "And what are /you/ getting?" Alexis asked me, looking at me as she sat down next to where I was seated, in the tattoo parlor.

    I casually shrugged my shoulders as I reached into my back pant pocket to retrieve a picture.

    "I'm thinking something Captain Jack Sparrow-ish," I replied, showing her the tattoo that was oh so famous in the highly popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

    "Awesome!" she replied with a shrill squeal as she asked to see the picture. I happily obliged and gave it to her.

    "Where's it going?"

    "Right here," I replied, pointing to my upper forearm, right below the elbow on the inside of my arm.

    "Just like in the movies?" she asked with eyes wide open.

    I nodded. "Just like in the movies."

    "What name are you writing under it?" another voice piped in. I turned to my left to see a girl I had probably only spoken to once or twice. I wasn't sure.

    But she was pretty so it was okay.

    "Huh?" I questioned.

    "I mean, are you writing anything with it? Isn't that what is on Jack Sparrow's tattoo?" she asked, repeating herself.

    "Oh, no. I mean, there's nothing else on Sparrow's tattoo. It's just this...erm...sparrow. But I was actually thinking about writing 'Take what you can' hooking over the top and 'Give nothing back' mirrored on the bottom. "Er, by the way, what's your name?"

    "Rose," she replied quickly. "That'll be really cool. So any meaning behind it?"

    Again, I shrugged my shoulders. "I've always liked pirates and maritime-y nautical stuff, so I figured this would be fitting. Plus, there's no way in hell I'm getting some lame girlish Disney tattoo. It would ruin all my other ones."

    Alexis laughed and nodded her head in agreement. "Fair enough," she replied. "What other tattoo's do you have?"

    I grinned at her question and began trying to remember all of the tattoo I had gotten over the years.

    "Well," I began, standing up and rolling up my sleeve to show off a large black and white rose on my forearm, right above my bicep. "There's this rose."

    Rose must have liked that one, because she oohed and awed at it.

    Next, I lifted up my other sleeve, showing off a multi-colored stained glass tattoo on my other bicep that mirrored the image of the stained glass on the cathedral of Notre Dame. "I got this one in Paris. I spent a year in France when I was twenty."

    I smirked and unbuttoned the first three top buttons of my shirt and pulled it back, showing off a tattoo of a nautical compass on my left pectoral.

    "Then there's this compass, which I got because I spent a few years of my youth sailing on a shrimping boat off the coast of Louisiana," I explained.

    Both of the girls seemed really interested by now, so I continued showing off my tattoos. I pulled back both sides of my shirt and turned to show them the black, cursive writing that was printed on the side of me, starting from my hip up to my underarm and over my rib cage.

    "Hic et nunc," Rose read, squinting her eyes as she observed the tattoo. "What does that mean?"

    "It's Latin for 'here and now'. It's used to represent a a want or desire," I replied, winking.

    "And finally," I began, reaching for the zipper of my pants. I pulled it down, but a strong grip wrapped over my wrist, stopping me from going any further.

    "That's enough," the voice growled.

    It was Elena. She had on some horrendous tube top that she must have had from 2001 and a large piece of plastic wrap covered the newly inked tattoo on her left shoulder blade.

    "I was just showing Alexis and Rose my tattoos. They wanted to see them," I said innocently, with a smirk. Of course Elena knew better than that, though.

    "Yeah, well public indecency is kind of frowned upon here. You work for Disney, remember?" she snapped back.

    "Not yet," I replied with another smirk.

    Luckily, Elena released my hand so that I could button up my shirt again.

    "Sorry, ladies, maybe next time," I said, looking at a some-what disappointed Alexis and Rose.

    They just chuckled and played it off like it was no big deal. Elena, on the other hand, just rolled her eyes and stormed away, probably to go show off her new tattoo. Alexis and Rose soon followed, leaving me to wait for the tattoo artist.

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