&You've been stricken with {{Amnesia}}

  • Soundtrack- Amnesia by Ian Carey, Rosette feat. Timbaland and Brasco

    asdfghjkl I couldn't find the orginal song for the set, but in case you wanna hear it, here ya go:


    😛 I love that song :3. Anywho, asdfghjkl I'm kinda blah right now. I mean, I found out a couple of my friends are now going out..and...I feel like I'm left out, because the majority of my friends are dating.....except me..:/ Blah, I hate being jealous. I'm ugly. And stupid. Ugh. Oh well, at Least i've got Siri by my side 😛 -Forever alone-

    Anyways, again, sorry Ihaven't been on 😛 Been kinda busy 😛 For Christmas, i recived some cool stuffs, like Disney blu rays (My mom had bought me Bambi, Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella and Tangled, and even though it's not Disney, The Wizard of Oz on blu ray. I adore that movie.) And I got a new Ipod touch (I think it's either 4th or 5th generation, I'm not sure tbh, but it has a camera, which my old one didn't, so 'm super happy, Lady Gaga FAME perfume, which smells like heaven in a bottle. I've been wearing it everyday now, it's like a drug, ahaha. Actually, I have 2 bottles, cause my mom's friend got one for me, and so did my uncle, it came in a box and it has the bottle of Fame and Fame Shower gel (Which I haven't used yet but I will soon 😛 ) And Breaking Dawn part 1 on blu ray, and Dance central 2 for xbox kinect :3

    So, yeah, it was pretty fun 😛 How was your guys' Christmas? 🙂

    Peace and Love,
    KayKay ❤

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