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  • Name: Claire Stacey Lyons
    Style: girly, sweet, full of lace and bows and ribbons but occasionaly she'll wear something edgy to shock everyone
    Likes: puppies, kittens, animals in general, chocolate, glitter, shopping
    Dislikes: cam, knockoffs, lbrs, anything fake or tacky
    Bio: Remember that sweet little girl from Florida? Well, Claire made several million dollars in her box-office hit, The Diary of a Seventh-Grade Wannabe, based on cliques and basically her own experience, which made the emotional scenes so believable and made her family rich. Now she's quit the movie business is a model, and does commercials and photoshoots. Everything seems perfect for this sweet blonde. But everything is far from perfect. But nobody has to know that she cuts from being bullied in seventh grade, right?
    Model: AnnaSophia Robb
    Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/claire_lyons/collection?id=2183674#fans
    SECOND CHOICE: Olivia Ryan

    • see previous audtion set.
    • yes
    • idek.
      +I, Maeve, swear, that the drama between characters will always be kept between the CHARACTERS, and NOT the polyvorians.

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