give 'em the old razzle dazzle. {read description}

  • so I'm going to a wedding reception tonight and this is what I'm wearing. Everything in the set (except for the tights) is an exact match. I really like this dress because it seems like something a broadway dancer would wear ❤

    I'm a bit disappointed because I really wanted to wear these really cute pink heels I bought but my mom thought it looked inappropriate because the dress is short. But I can't really dance in heels (correction, I can't really dance at all) So I guess it's okay.

    But I need help with makeup. And hair. because idk. So if you feel like being nice to me, I'd love it if you PM'ed me. No dark mascara or eyeliner (my eyes are really sensitive) or bright lips (my parents are really strict about my lip makeup and it can't be too bright). My hair is chin length and blonde. My eyes are blue
    And i don't have weird waist; it's just the blazer being weird.
    I would love feedback, but please no hate.

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